What Are The Best Computerized Embroidery Machines Right Now?

Are you thinking about having the best embroidery machine for lettering ? You don't have to stress further as there is a wide range of top computerized embroidery machines that will serve your interest. Their wide range of functions makes them suitable not only for embroidery designs but also for many other needs. Whether you are a beginner user or an expert commercial embroidery maker, you will find numerous automated and computerized components of an embroidery machine very useful and convenient.

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Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850 Embroidery and Sewing Machine

This is one of the best embroidery machines that doesn’t come cheap but it offers great value for the investment. Made from a highly durable metal body design, this piece of the computerized device offers some 200 in-built stitches alongside 6 one-step buttonholes. The automatic thread tension monitors your threading, to prevent any snag, while the in-built needle threader automatically pushes thread through the needle to save time.

You will also find added features like7-piece feed dog, drop feed, feed arm, and a full-colored screen LCD touchscreen. There are175 in-built embroidery designs here, with 2 European-style fonts plus 2 and 3 monogramming functions. The USB feature allows you to copy and store more embroidery designs from the internet on your machine. There are flexible stitch leveling units of 1, 10, and 100 for editing. To prove that this machine is of high quality, there is a 25-year manufacturer warranty on mechanical parts plus a 5-year warranty on electrical components. As the best computerized embroidery machine, this option doesn’t come very cheap.

Brother SE625 Combination Computerized Sewing and 4x4 Embroidery Machine

This device must be one of your top considerations because of its unique style of design and operation. It is characterized by its 4 x 4” embroidery work area, alongside a color LCD display that shows your readings and measurements clearly. There are 280 embroidery designs in total with 80 in-built and 200 installed on the CD that comes with the package. The designs include decorative alphabets, holiday designs, kids, floral and Greek applique, just to name a few.

The in-built color palette allows you to change colors on your embroidery design before you commence stitching. The drag and drop embroidery pattern feature on the touch screen LCD display lets you merge your designs easily. There are 103 in-built stitches plus 8-styles of one-step and auto-sized buttonholes. This machine is also built with overcasting, monogramming, and spring action zigzag needs.

Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine

This is another masterclass from the top brand- Brothers. You can call it the  best computerized embroidery machine because it comes with 138 in-built designs which are among the highest numbers you can find, and it also comes with a 5 x 7” hoop area which is quite large enough for your works. The large 3.2” LCD touchscreen helps you view your embroidery works and edit them when necessary.

There is a USB port to transfer even more designs from the internet on this device and you have up to 11 font styles to choose from.

The machine is made from durable plastic material, and of the 11 in-built fonts, 7 are in English, while 3 are in Japanese and 1 in Cyrillic font which is ideal for monogramming and milli-metering, and lettering purposes. The 5 x 7” hoop area is great for the stitching of a larger design. There are 10 frame shapes plus 14 border designs pre-built on this machine and such features make it even more versatile. It comes with a 25-year manufacturer warranty for peace of mind.

Bernette 340 Deco Swiss Design Embroidery Machine

This brand name may not be as popular as the likes of Brothers and Janome but it is one computerized best value embroidery machine option to reckon with. It comes with generous 100in-built embroidery designs which are enough for diverse, creative designs. It also comes with5 different fonts and an incredible speed of 750 stitches per minute.

The 5 font options comprise 3 alphabets plus 2 monogramming styles. It comes with a large LCD touchscreen that is located on the front of the machine. The monochromatic display will help you perform a number of editing on your design, these include color adjustments, rotation, flipping, rescaling, and mirroring.

There are drag and drop features you can use in manipulating your designs until you achieve the best final product. A whopping 5.5 x 7.9” embroidery area is large enough to handle your embroidery fabrics. It comes with a branded Bluefig TB19 trolley that helps you move the sturdy machine around with ease. There are 10 bobbin packs here with 15 plastic bobbins each plus a pack of Schmitz needles. Bobbin thread, tear-away stabilizer, and embroidery thread set are some other accessories you will find here.

Janome MB-4S Four Needle Embroidery Machine with Accessories

This is the most expensive computerized embroidery machine on this list and it comes with great value for its price. It is not your typical home embroidery machine but a commercial embroidery machine with so many accessories to simplify your craft. Known for its white color and solid metal frame, this machine can handle heavy-duty embroidery works fast and efficiently.

It works with a 4-needle design, which means you can move from one project to another without stopping to change needles. It works with almost all embroidery formats, and that is why industrial users prefer it to many other options. It is also compatible with the 6-industry standard Tajima hoops to help you expand your creativity. This could be the best home embroidery machine with the largest hoop if you are particular about such features.

The computerized machine comes with a 5.7” remotely controlled screen where you can view your designs and even conduct editing. The USB port on this machine allows you to import new designs for new projects. This machine weighs a whopping 85 lbs. hence it is quite heavy and occupies significant space. The review on Crafts Selection offers more in-depth information on how to choose the ideal computerized embroidery machine for your needs. Check it out today!
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