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Converse And Shop: A New Dawn In The eCommerce World

Converse And Shop: A New Dawn In The eCommerce World

Can your customers buy things from you by texting you?

At the? Well, sad to say, you are neglecting an amazing growth opportunity.

And before anyone starts talking about how the site has this wonderful chatbot system integrated and how it can talk to customers like human beings, read this-

While chatbots are great at driving the sales of any eCommerce platform, it is still not efficient enough. Imagine having to visit the eCommerce platform for every new query about a product.

Would be pretty annoying, right?

Well, as it turns out, there’s no need for the customers to visit the site and talk to the representative every time there’s a need to connect with the eCommerce platform. With a new trend, entrepreneurs can streamline this conversation through the customer’s favorite applications.

Wondering what that latest trend is called? It’s conversation commerce.

Fret not, we are not about to leave you hanging with just the name. Here we are going to discuss all about conversational commerce techniques and why you absolutely need it. But before that, let’s get up close and personal with this new trend.

Conversational Commerce: A Definition You Need To Know!

What is conversational commerce?

In layman’s terms, the conversational commerce platform enables eCommerce to function through direct conversation. This happens to be the latest technique that assists the consumer to strike up a conversation with brands and purchase products easily with the help of representatives.

But why is it making such an impact?

Because conversation is an important tool when it comes to selling products. Since the dawn of trading in the history of civilization, the act of conversations, consultation, and bargaining has helped people to trade. It is the most natural thing in the world, and the fact that the benefit of a conversational channel is being discovered just now happens to be a little surprising, if not baffling.

The emergence of texting and voice texting technology is one of the main drivers of this new eCommerce trend. People love texting! In fact, according to 70% of users, the text feature is the most used feature on any phone.



So, when you combine this popularity of texting with the best way of buying things, ie eCommerce, you get the best of both worlds in conversation commerce.

Now let’s take a look at some use cases that reveals why consumers are loving this state-of-the-art tech.

How Will It Be for Your Consumers?

Yes, it sounds very cool and all, in theory. But before starting the hunt for the perfect web design partner, you need to know how it functions in practical scenarios?

From the moment customers start shopping on the platform to the moment they leave, conversational commerce chatbot adds value to the experience. Here are four use case scenarios to prove that.

1. It Starts From The Beginning

Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of a first time eCommerce customer.


Source: Photo by Morning Brew on Unsplash

Imagine shopping for the first time on an eCommerce site. There is lot of confusion about the process. And how amazing it would be to have someone to help with all the confusion.

And this is where the magic of conversation commerce starts working. With that direct messaging approach on the platform or brand, a confused buyer can find the right way through the platform and find the right product.

This feature on the eCommerce platform helps users from the get-go. No need to go through countless reviews and q & a or stumbling around the site to make a purchase.

2. Connects With Consumers seamlessly

A consumer just engaged with the site, but then left too soon. Or adding something to the list, only to leave it there. What could be the reason for this kind of behavior?

Having such a portal, where platforms can openly and easily connect with users makes it easier to get these answers. Judging by customer behavior, a conversational commerce platform can easily reach out and ask if further assistance is needed to complete shopping.

3. Provide Info That Matters

Do you really like to be bombarded with hundreds of emails about basic offers and sales and whatnots on a daily basis from any online shopping platform?

We don’t; in fact, most of the customer base does not. Stats show that almost 22% of buyers receive email offers for products that are irrelevant. And needless to say, it is quite annoying to be bombarded with offers on baby products when there’s no baby in the household.

But there are some details a platform has to provide users, such as shipping information, sale, customized offers and confirmation on receiving the product, etc.

A conversational eCommerce experience will help the consumers to stay updated with all this information and more without having to deal with pesky emails. It sends out the messages through popular portals (NOT email) on various actions the user has performed on the platform. Whether it is encouraging users to complete their shopping or reminding them that they are running out of that night cream and there’s an exciting offer on that product, the conversation commerce feature keeps them updated.

4. Helping The Customers To Shop Better

Even online shopping veterans are bound to run into trouble. Maybe the user is looking for something in a specific size, but can’t find it, or maybe the user simply needs some troubleshooting guidance.

Do you really expect them to call customer service?

Entrepreneurs who always think about customer experience will answer negatively to the above question. Buyers don’t want to spend hours on the phone trying to find a shirt that fits. Getting help in these scenarios can be made even more seamless, and conversation commerce works just for that!

So let’s see how this scenario will play out with a conversational commerce feature. Imagine a buyer is trying to find a dress in a specific size, but cannot find any. So that user can just pick up the phone and shoot a text something like this-


Can you imagine how much this will boost the customer experience on the site? Infinity percent.

In the end, partnering up with an experienced eCommerce platform development agency and working on integrating this feature on the platform is going to be the best CX decision any entrepreneur can ever make.

Why You Need It!

So you know how conversational commerce chatbot works. And you can vaguely guess at why it is going to be necessary for the eCommerce platform. But vague won’t do. So let’s talk about why you need it in detail.

Ecommerce is mainstream today! Almost every other company has an eCommerce platform. And in these pandemic struck times, everyone is amping up the eCommerce game, considering the huge eCommerce & supply-chain crisis going on thanks to COVID-19. In this market, you really need that special friend who will assist in building an edgy/unique brand for the eCommerce platform. So why do you need a conversational commerce strategy for the site? Here’s a list.

1. You Need It To Stay Connected

Communication went through amazing changes over the years. Sending a letter once took months. Now it’s a matter of a few seconds. And in this era of constant communication, you need conversational eCommerce to stay connected.


Source: Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels

Rather than just talking to the users when necessary (like when there’s a sale going on), one needs to have a seamless two-way communication system that helps users to connect with the platform when necessary. This will increase the quality of service, and help users whenever needed.

2. You Need It To Convert Customers Into Friends

Communication is not just a marketing tool, it is a human necessity. Everyone is trying to understand and be understood in this world, and conversation is the way to do so. To communicate is to be human, and that’s why eCommerce platforms need this feature.

The race of reaching the top and having maximum conversion rates is often going to leave the CX of a platform dry and cold. And to add a touch of humanity to that, the site needs conversational commerce techniques. This will not only convert visitors into loyal consumers; it will also turn those loyal consumers into friends of the brand!

3. You Need It To Get Better Insights

Insight, insight, insight! It is rather tiring to go through huge data sets to get the right insight. What if rather than looking for a needle in a stack of hay, one could just ask the users?

This happens to be one of the major benefits of a conversational channel. You need this feature on the platform to instantly reach the users for important information. There’s never any harm in asking regardless of users replying or not.

4. You Need It To Stay Ahead (Of Everyone Else)

We already discussed briefly how eCommerce has become mainstream today. And in this mainstream market, you need something innovative, something edgy to draw the customer eye to the platform.

And that’s why you need conversational commerce chatbots. Imagine this- out of all your competitors, you are the only one who is offering seamless conversation with a shopping expert on the platform. Don’t you think that’ll be awesome for the reputation of the platform? Because we think it will.

5. You Need It For A Personalized Experience

How many times have you heard that personalization is key?

Too many times we bet. And in such a case, where personalization is an all-powerful deity that makes or breaks the success of any site, conversation commerce is crucial to give the users the right experience. And what better way to find that out than speaking to the users? It is a far better and active way of getting data than passive data analysis.

Do You Want To Know More?

If yes, then let’s keep talking! Conversational commerce and its exponential potential is something that can be talked about all day.

However, market data, competitor data, and all that stuff, no matter how deeply we analyze it, will lead us to only one conclusion- The future of conversational commerce is bright, and you need to be a part of this bright future. Big brands, such as whole foods and Burberry are using it to drive up revenue and reach out to the customer. And that should be reason enough to start looking into this trend as well. So go on, talk to the best eCommerce development agency you can find, and start working on integrating this feature on the platform! Trust us, it won’t fail you.

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